Since 2008, PauseLab has developed a series of projects that use creativity to address community needs. Below are a series of highlighted projects that show the breadth of our work and our commitment to working with communities. 

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BeCville - 2016 - 2017

Focused on Charlottesville’s Strategic Investment Area (SIA), BeCville allows local residents living the neighborhood to decide how $15,000 will be spent on arts projects and programs in 2016/2017. The program listens to the needs of local residents, invites artists to respond with proposals that activate the neighborhood, and then allows residents to have a direct voice in deciding which projects get funded through a democratic voting process. Inspired by the international Participatory Budgeting initiative, Be Cville engages residents in a candid discussion about the needs of our local neighborhoods and then make informed decisions about how to allocate resources for public art projects that address those needs.

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Our Engery - 2016

Our Energy was a collaboration with the City of Charlottesville Energize Charlottesville project to build awareness about the city's annual energy use.  In connection to the Georgetown University Energy Prize, this project reimagined local electrical poles as a way to displaying information and engage the broader public about the amount of energy used each year. 

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FallKill Project - 2012

Completed in 2012, The FallKill project consisted of a master plan, a users guide, and a series of signage projects to bring this once forgotten creek back to life. The project was a collaboration between the Urban Landscape Lab at Columbia University, PauseLab, Landmine Studio, eDesign Dynamics, and Clearwater. The Fall Kill Plan was supported by a New York Stage Hudson River Estuary Program grant: Assessing Watershed Restoration Opportunities in the Fall Kill Watershed.


Food Equality Newspaper - 2013

Food Equality in Our City is a collaboration with the Poughkeepsie Plenty Food Coalition, a community group that works on issues of food insecurity. The PPFC had completed a USDA-funded community survey about access to affordable and nutritious food, and asked us to translate the results for the public at large, and to create a tool to help them organize.



Somewhere Between the High and the Low - 2011

Created by artist Greg Scranton in 2011, Somewhere Between the High and the Low documented the soundscape along the streets of Poughkeepsie, NY between the highest and lowest geographic sites in the city. This was then embedded into the environment by using geolocating makers which allowed the community listen to this moment in time. 

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TransAtlantic Dinner - 2010

Using a diner as a site for conversation, Johanna Leech and Matthew Slaats created a meal between people of different nations that allowed for exchange, the sharing of local foods, and a broader appreciation of culture. 

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Hyde Park Visual History Project - 2009

Developed by Matthew Slaats in 2009, The Hyde Park Visual History project collected over 2500 historic images of Hyde Park, NY and then embedded them back into the local landscape using interactive media and video projection. Serving as a dynamic meeting point for the community, the arts, and the history of this Hudson River Town, the project engaged our perceptions of the past, present, and future.